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Mahindra Kabira Varanasi

The Mahindra Kabira Festival celebrates the spirit of Kabir’s philosophy and espouses the lyrical aspect of his teachings. Kabir, a 15th century poet and saint, whose enigmatic background adds to his mystic identity, is said to have grown up in a family of the famed Varanasi weavers. He stood for no particular religion, believed that God resides within us and spawned an entire system of faith based on the principles of equality and simplicity.

He preached through the power of his musical couplets which were simple, earthy and resonated with the rich and the poor alike. What better place to celebrate the spirit of Kabir’s philosophy than Varanasi, perhaps the oldest inhabited city in the world, also widely believed to be his birthplace? A city steeped in history, music, art, mysticism and religion, which accommodates multitudes and enables the happy co-existence of the arts and the spiritual.

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