The First Edition of the 3-part monthly Full Moon Night Concert Series showcased Hindustani music ranging from Rajasthani Folk to Semi-classical and Qawwalis.

More than any other of the performing arts, music and dance have been conjoined since their inception millennia ago. The Indian tradition of this relationship is symbiotic, intricate and diverse.

With countless dance and music styles which celebrate romantic, mythological or devotional themes emerging from all over the sub-continent, India has been blessed with a rich tradition of dance and music synergy. The September edition of Under the Banyan Tree on a Full Moon Night, filled with delightful elements that make for a memorable evening; stunning ambience, delectable food, a selective audience and the magical full moon – seeks to celebrate three art traditions which emerge from North India.

Indira Nayak/ Vidya Shah will perform Thumri, a semi-classical celebration of love and joy, such as the Radha-Krishna love saga. The Gangani family, an institution in the Kathak tradition who have been practicing the art form for over 100 years, will perform a percussive set. The evening’s entertainment will conclude with a performance from Kutle Khan; Rajasthani folk performers, who celebrate the Kaalbeliya dance form; an energetic celebration of the Kalbelia tribe.