The Sacred

The Sacred

  • Date:16 -17 December, 2017
  • Location:Pushkar
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A backdrop textured with the tapestry of myth and meditation – the town of Pushkar, one of the oldest towns in India and so also in the world, truly represents what is sacred and pure. Teamwork Arts ‘The Sacred Pushkar Festival’ celebrates this ancient desert town in Rajasthan with a range of activities designed to invoke your inner divine. The festival with its roots in openness, accessibility and inclusiveness, now in its second year, is an eclectic mix of sacred music, heritage walks, food, yoga and exciting workshops. The programme is designed to draw on the active participation of the visitors to make it memorable and rejuvenating.

Rich in legend and folklore, the city has many narratives regarding its origin. The most prominent and widely accepted lore is that of a flower (pushpa) that fell from Brahma’s hand (kar) thus forming the sacred town.

At the core of the ethereal experience of Pushkar is its lake surrounded by 52 ghats and over 400 temples. Whether it is the spectacular maha aarti performed against the pink-hued winter evening sky or the magic of the ghats, the venue of the Sacred Evening Music programme, the lake beckons with its timeless beauty.

During the festival, different traditions of sacred music — folk, Sufi, instrumental, devotional and acapella, rendered by renowned national and international singers will become the medium of positive energy.

The syncretic fusion of evocative music and diverse engagements attract a cross section of people from across the world, some of whom return to savour the spiritual experience. So come forth, walk through the winding lanes of this colourful desert town, unveil its rich architectural, culinary and craft heritage and be captivated by a delightful and deeply satisfying sacred experience.