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An advocacy and fundraising initiative, #ArtMatters is committed to the cause of promoting and preserving art and craft- in partnership with UNESCO, FICCI and ICCR. Since its inception in April, #ArtMatters has been working towards creating awareness about the current reality of various artistes across India, affected by the COVID-19 crisis, and developing support channels for them. Given the large-scale need for financial and policy support in the cultural sector, #ArtMatters is worked with multiple partners to produce a fundraising gala by artistes, for artistes called, I Believe #ArtMatters. I Believe #ArtMatters brought together a diverse range of performances across music, theatre, dance, and cinema showcasing India’s cultural diversity and its syncretic traditions, and was broadcast across social media platforms to an engaged viewership of over 1,90,000 viewers plus TV audiences who viewed this on the India Ahead news channel. The gala has helped provide much needed support to artistes and artisans, as well as celebrate their craft and tradition by highlighting their stories.

A donation of Rs. 1500 can support one family

**For donation receipts, kindly get in touch with us on artmatters@teamworkarts.com. The 80 G certificate will be mailed post 10 days from the date of receipt of the funds..

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How are your donations being used?

  • Total amount raised till 15th October: 52,00,000 INR
  • Distribution towards partners NGO's and artist families: 20,80,000 INR
  • Honorarium to Performers: 15,60,000 INR
  • Persons Supported: 5,554
  • Families Supported: 1,386
  • Performers provided an honorarium: 311 artistes
  • Number of Partner NGO's: 12

1. 40% of all funds raised were disbursed to our 12 partner organizations / foundations and networks that are working with artistes in need of support. Through this we were able to help 1,386 artiste families and 5,554 individuals.

2. 30% of all funds raised were provided as honorariums to the 311 artistes who performed at the fundraising Gala. This number includes videographers, sound engineers, and other individuals who create each artistes digital performance for I Believe Art Matters.

3. 30% of all funds raised have been used to cover the expenses for the gala, including artiste coordination, design, video editing, marketing, and production expenses.


Our Beneficiaries


A R Rahman Foundation

The Foundation aims to help 100 students enrolled in flagship program. Other people availing aid are supported on a case-by-case basis.

SufiKathak Foundation

SKF provides medical support, pensions and annual scholarships to retired artists and the wives of deceased artists.


We aim to raise enough money so that the artists can sustain themselves and their families for at least 6 months


We aim to help children and talented artists of all castes and communities and their Families.

Jaipur Rugs Foundation

We are serving 250 families based on the needs of the family. We provide them with food supplies medical emergencies and financial support to safeguard their basics.

Amarrass Society for Performing Arts: CREATING SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS

We aim to support the master craftsmen from the Manganiyar communities in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Barmer districts in Rajasthan, and in Kutch in Gujarat.

Raise Resources for Folk Artistes in Jaisalmer

Rajasthan Josh Sidhar Vikas Sansthan, Jaisalmer

Raise Funds for Ration and Healthcare services for Artists in Mumbai

Vision Rescue- Artists for Artists initiative

Support Artistes & their Families in Assam

Brahmaputra Cultural Foundation

Our Beneficiaries

I Believe Gala Performers

Sunday, 18th October, 2020

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