How is the organisation associated with the art communities in India?

Ever since its inception in 1987, Ananda Shankar Centre for Performing Arts believes in ‘breaking barriers through music and dance’. This was the vision of our founder, Ananda Shankar, the pioneer of ‘World Music.’ The Centre, a non - profit making organisation, based in Kolkata presents aesthetic arts and provides a platform to dynamic and talented youngsters to showcase their arts. Over the years the Centre has received acclaim and accolades.

Who are the families/communities you are serving?

Teachers of Tanusree Shankar Dance Academy and professional dancers of Tanusree Shankar Dance Company.

Are you receiving funds from the government or from any other organisation? If yes, Please specify:

We receive Salary Grant from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India for 13 artistes. But this too, does not come regularly.

How has the lockdown affected your organisation or your associate artistes?

The lockdown has tremendously affected the artistes of our organisation. The income from performances and shows have completely stopped.

What is your organisation’s immediate need?

Funds of about Rs. 6 lakhs

How many families/communities are you serving?

We are looking after the families of 28 artistes associated with us.

In what way are you serving these families (through ration, or monetary donations?)

We are providing monetary support.

What is your fundraising goal?

We hope to raise enough money so that the artistes can sustain themselves and their families for at least 6 months