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Life Through the Expressions of Dance!!

We often are so transfixed with the idea of royalty and high-statured things, that we forget to appreciate the little things that life gives us. Over the years, life and everything related to it has been given a higher value or otherworldly significance. We try to find the meaning of life from the learned and people who have spent their lives searching for the same. Did they find it?

Well, you will have to ask them the answer, but life is a paradox and that was exactly the theme of the two productions that were presented by the Art Vision Dance Academy repertory group. The two distinct yet dominant themes of the dance production were – self-realization and timelessness.

And it is not a surprising fact that these aspects are common dilemmas in today’s utterly confused mortal’s life. The first production was SARAHA which was created in the year 2007. Saraha means, one whose arrow is shot. This ancient tale takes roots in the tantric revelations of the Tibetan region.

The dance features Saswat Joshi as the male lead who plays the part of Saraha. Through the beautiful choreography of Illeana Citaristi, this dance production tells the story of Saraha who has lost touch from his real self and is in the quest for life and what it actually means. One would accept to find all the answers from a learned person or the ascetics, but in this tale Saraha finds true meaning of life from a low caste woman who is so engrossed in her craft of arrow-making, that Saraha is enthralled in the act.

The dance features Illeana Cistaristi in the role of the low caste woman who not only gives salvation to Saraha but also celebrates their union in a cremation ground. Talk about the irony here and it is just the thing that makes one wonder about the close proximity of life and death and yet we fear death.

Enter in the latter half of the first day’s programme and the dancers presented Kaala. This production had even more depth to it as it showcased the quintessential aspect of time. How time has become all that the human mind thinks of! The various phases of time and it encompassing past, present and future like a straight arrow. This production also included dialogues which made the entire conception of the dance even more comprehensible.

Despite the music being in Oriya language, the expressions and the movements portrayed by the dancers were enough to understand the message they were conveying.

The productions showcased the beauty of the classical Odissi dance and how it infuses expressions to portray a scenario that depicts complex themes of self-realization and timelessness. The rich interplay of the colours of the costumers and the synchronized movements of the dancers made the show a treat to the eyes of the audience.

Not only me, but the entire audience was enthralled in the two productions by the Art Vision dance Academy. The music was exemplary and melodious for a person who loves everything about the traditional dance forms of India. Bringing back the rich culture of our heritage, the Tribhanga dance festival started with two impeccable performances and the coming day of the festival will see the continuation of the great work of Illeana Cistaristi and her group.

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