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12 Aug 2015

Q & A With Sanjoy Roy: JLF at Southbank

Q1. JLF at Southbank is heading to London for the second time. Last year, what did it feel like when you arrived at the Southbank Centre and were part of the Jaipur in London experience?

It was wonderful to be able to bring a slice of the Jaipur Literature Festival to Southbank. Many members of the audience had been to Jaipur and returned for more debates, discussions, arguments and dialogues.

Q2. What are the significant apprehensions and challenges in taking a festival overseas?

The challenges always revolve around finding adequate resources to cover costs, and then being able to market the festival to reach out to the widest literary audience in a mega city like London. The effort is not so much to recreate Jaipur in London, but create a program that reflects the spirit and philosophy of the Jaipur Literature Festival

Q3. What are you looking forward to the most this year regarding the program?

Having Nobel Prize winner Sir V S Naipaul at the festival will be one of its many highlights. Along with Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee – Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter discussing her grandfather’s legacy with Meghnad Desai, The Modi Effect with Lance Price and Deutsche Bank Co CEO, the Season of Crime with celebrated crime writers Nils Nordberg, Ashwin Sanghi and Alison Joseph, We Are Like That Only and Return of A King.

Q4. Snapshots from the festival show people of all age groups playing in the fountain, painting messages on the wall and dancing to the music. Is this joy and enthusiasm one of the reasons you expanded JLF at Southbank to two days in 2015? What reactions do you expect this year?

Yes, the response was amazing with large numbers of people gathering to celebrate the infectious music and excellent debates and dialogues which are a hall mark of the Jaipur Literature Festival.

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