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14 Aug 2015

Solo Adventures Vs. Otherwise

There are many moments in life which are sweetened by the togetherness of family, friends, your workmates or even strangers – sharing a cup of tea, a laugh, a night on the town, or even a friendly smile sent across the room. But things like getting a massage, playing badminton, or even fighting involves at least one other person. It begs to question how many of these or other activities are still enjoyable – solo?

There will be many different views on this, as what is enjoyable is such a subjective experience. And as many people as there are on this planet, there can be as many different things that can be pleasurable, or as many ways of looking at it. Those of slightly more adventurous spirits may have already even gone against the norm and attempted a number of these activities on their own. And there is also a segment which prefers solitary activities over plunging into the crowd to have fun. Playing chess, creating a sculpture out of macaroni, traveling to another land, going to a museum or learning how to play an instrument are all things people tend to do with at least one other person, if not more, but have also been enjoyed immensely when ventured into alone.

Perhaps what sets apart solitary pursuits from solo ones is that solo activities can be converted into two-people or group projects. Reading a book, writing in a journal or solving a Rubik’s cube hold a sense of being private affairs, as opposed to going out for dinner, dancing or cooking, which people can do alone or with another. The experience is different due to the dimension in which it is experienced, and anyone looking on from the outside sees the enterprise through glasses colored in their own perception.

In the case of acting, probably the most important aspect of a performing art like this is its success – which depends more on appreciation of the audience, than the actor’s own critique of themselves. Both aspects hold a position, but in varying levels, to those on the stage and those watching it.

A play with many characters is experienced uniquely by both the actors and audience. And in plays where many characters are all played by the same actor… You get the drift.. Going Solo 2015 adds this opportunity to your plate this fall, to attend and be enthralled by a solo acting performance, brought to life by some of the finest and best of solo international theatre, straight from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Come for a taste, solo (if you wish) or with friends and family, and let us know your dimension of experience!

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