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The Expression of Words

It was a Sunday morning and everyone was trying to make it to the next session which was with Mr. Javed Akhtar at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2016. Struggling through the crowd, I finally managed to find a spot to stand and listen to the entire session. Throughout the whole session, you got to have a peek at the insight of a great mind and how he can so easily put even the most complex emotions in to a simple thread of words. Then somewhere in middle of the session he says this – “Kyun dare zindagi mein kya hoga, kuch na hoga to tazurba hoga.” This instilled a different wave of emotion in my mind, it was like I had just found a whole new perspective to look at life. When you come to think of it, it is such a beautiful gift to think about the complexities of life, complex emotions, complex situations, channelizing them and putting them down in words on a paper for people to read and give them the experience of realizing and identifying what they had been feeling but could never understand. Even if one sentence can change a person’s life, or can give them a new direction or perspective to look at things, then that is an extraordinary power to possess.

Whenever we hear the word “literature” what comes to mind is Shakespeare; the texts and plays are so refined that not everybody can completely understand. However, it is not so. For many years now history has it, that literature has got masses together, it is known to unite people and change lives. For example, at the time when the British were ruling over India and India was divided in so many regions there with no unity. At that time, the local legends, Indian stories, folklore, telltales were revived and spread through masses which brought a sense of unity and had a huge contribution in uniting the masses.

Literature has the power to move masses, by the beauty with which it simplifies complexities of theories, emotions and life to which people, even the common man can relate to. The people who have the knowledge of fine words and fine languages can understand the poems and stories written by the greatest minds the world has seen. But now, we all have witnessed that there are multiple translations of the same in different languages, to reach the masses. By this, the scenario of literature has changed globally, now everyone has access to and can understand good literature and everyone can enjoy the same. For the people who want fine literature and enjoy reading complex text, it serves them along with the common man who wants to read good text, but in simpler language.

A writer takes a dive in the depths of his mind to eventually puts the most raw and truest form of a thought down on a paper for people to relate to. It’s not only about well renowned authors or poets or professionals who have given the world literary gems to treasure, but even the stories written by people about their life, hardships, struggles and their philosophies that have become a huge contribution to the literary world. A Jewish girl, Anne Frank, in her early teens had to move to the secret annexe and live a life for two whole years in hiding to flee from the horrors of Nazi occupations, until finally caught and sent to a concentration camp. Her vivid description of her life in hiding, her struggles, and her dreams of what she would do after all this gets over and she’s free, are so vividly described in her diary that it is now a part the history of Amsterdam read all around the world. While reading this piece of literary text, at several points one experiences chills down their spine and shed a few tears at times. All of it written by a little girl has moved millions.

Literature has the power to connect millions of people together and also gives the freedom to the writer to pour their heart out on a piece of paper. Maybe that is what makes the pen most powerful weapon in the world and paper the most patient listener.

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