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Abhilasha Sharma
05 Sep 2016

The Sculptures That Flow

The music starts to play, suddenly some spotlights lighten up the stage in the dark hall revealing some still bodies starting to express movement. Slowly and steadily those bodies rise and flare all across the stage as the music proceeds, like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, as though some still sculptures have come to life taking you through the music from beat to beat flowing steadily and strongly. These bodies start transforming from one form to another as the music varies, and they make an impact with even a slightest shift. It is brilliant to see how the costumes, lights and music add up to create a drama and take you through an entire journey without them having to utter a single word.

Dance is like an energy releasing from the bodies of the performer and flowing from one spot to another in the entire room. It is so unpredictable what the next move may be and where it takes you, at one point it can soothe things by a swift and soft wave of an arm and can thrill your mind unexpectedly with a bold and strong leap or lift.

It shows how sometimes a single human being can express the story by even a small expression change or a lift of an eyebrow to a group performance, where some moves that you’ve never seen before are actually being done. It has evolved over time and places, people have modified it throughout the globe as a means to express and pour all their energy out into a structure. It has become a very strong means to express oneself without putting anything in words, and leaving it on the audience to interpret in their own sensibility.

The classical forms with particular costumes and makeup and proper body language, communicate an entire story by their mere expressions and movement of hands without losing the frame of the story for a split moment. There are some traditional dances which are limited to small tribes of some regions who perform their dance style for themselves on special occasions. The showcase of a dialogue between a matador and bull in a bullfight through a powerful dance form of Paso Doble is also an example of the beautiful portrayal of an aspect of Spanish culture. Expression of passion and connection between two people can be felt by the audience the moment the music starts and a beautiful couple swiftly takes over the floor and float to the music showcasing the beauty of love through a waltz, or a couple heating up the floor by a seductive form of tango or salsa. While looking at them gliding on the dance floor your mind starts dancing along with them as if it were your own self in that moment dancing to every beat.  A group of people who dance for the sheer joy and love for dance in their own style, free styling or street dancing which they modified by adding their own style to it, forming groups to rehearse together, to create art together and simply express themselves to the world. There is no one language of dance, it’s an expression, a way to release energy and feel as light as if you could fly on the dance floor.

After years of training, sacrifices, struggle, uncountable bruises and fractures, failures and disappointments a dancer masters the art to make most complicated lifts and moves seem effortless. Sometimes to prove something to the world, or just to follow their passion and love for the art, each performance is a statement which portrays all this to the entire world. Be it a solo dancer, a couple or a group, each dance form and each performance brings a different and new energy to the dance floor.

We see all of these beautiful people, their passion, their effortless steps and this beautiful art being put up in front of us when the dancer is actually performing their heart out for the people of the world to see, and it is the most beautiful thing to be able to express oneself and transfer that passion and energy to everyone who’s watching.

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