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19 Jul 2016

When it Comes to Your Passions, Gender is no Bar!!

Talk about art and it can be called many things. And that itself is the beauty of it because when it comes to expressing emotions, one thing is definite – infinity! There is no single form or fixed thing which will help you express what you are feeling.

But, can both male and female express their emotions equally. In a country that has been promoting feminism in the most obvious manner, are men given equal rights? The answer is NO! For many professions pertaining to the artistic field, especially dance, men are still staggering behind women.

Classical dance has become highly women-centric and men who like to dance end up being discouraged to follow their passion either due to societal pressure or lack of skills.

But, in all this chaos and sad developments, the male lead – Saswat Joshi, of all the four compositions of Tribhanga festival comes as a much needed relief and assurance that there is still hope.

Hailing from Odisha and knowing his culture all too well, Saswat joined Art Vision back in 2005 and he credits his success to Dr. Illeana Cistaristi who has a big role in the success and refined dance skills of her students.

Saswat did not have everything easy for him and all the national fame and success would have been a bleak possibility if he had not followed his heart and had the courage to revolt. Just like all Indian parents urging, Saswat too was asked to become an engineer but he went on the less tread path to follow his passion. Ignoring all the backlash, he faced initially, it was Saswat’s indomitable spirit and will that led him this far. After all, many men do give up after hearing phrases like, ‘You are going for a female profession’. This is not half bad as the disgust with which people criticise the art form.

When did Saswat receive the acceptance from his parents?

When you are on your way to conquer the world and make a name for yourself, the only support you need is from the people you love the most. For Saswat, it was his parents and they accepted and recognized his talents when he received the Sangeet Ratna award. His parents were the ones who were called to receive the award and the international performances also helped in changing their perspective.

What should you do if you want to make a name for yourself in a woman’s world?

Saswat has a valuable piece of advice on this topic for all the aspiring dancers who want to take up classical dance. He said, “Follow the ‘4 Ds’ which stand for devotion, discipline, dedication and determination. Also, mastering your craft and being the best in it goes a long way.”

Not just this, but having a great personality and excellent communication skills are also paramount elements to make it big in this world. Moreover, defying the conventions of society is not easy and developing courage and holding strong to faith will definitely go a long way.

After all, when it comes to art forms like dance, nothing, not even gender or age should be a bar.

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