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Why Boulder

There are many reasons to be in Boulder this Fall. The host city to the highly anticipated JLF@Boulder has an intricate heritage, deep historical significance and unique natural beauty.

Boulder is one of the most athletic and health-oriented cities in the USA. With its parks and trails, it is a known hiker’s, climber’s and biker’s paradise against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, and rightly so! Boulder is also host to delightful traditions such as the Polar Bear Plunge in the icy Boulder Reservoir on New Year’s Day and the Naked Pumpkin Run, around Halloween. If that wasn’t enough of a draw, Boulder is home to a variety of music, but most prominently jazz and classical music. Recently, Colorado has featured in the news for its progressive and forward thinking stances on the legalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage.

Enough can never be said about the natural beauty of the state of Colorado and especially Boulder. The symbolic Flatirons are the pride of the city, where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains under a sunny sky all year round. In September, Boulder is expected to be at its brightest and most beautiful with the changing leaves and the muted start of the crisp winter season. Ofcourse, no post about Boulder is complete without the mention of the eons old and conscientiously preserved Boulder Creek, from which many believe Boulder, got its name.

A hippie paradise after the summer of love to an activist hotbed in the 1970’s, Boulder has also been the home of the esteemed and respected Southern Arapaho people, who had a strong warrior culture and historically lived in Colorado and Wyoming. These two communities, amongst others in the winding and intricate history of Boulder and the state of Colorado, have shaped the society who lives there today.

For those who will be attending JLF@Boulder, the Festival will be held the Boulder Library and Civic Lawns with a week of lead-up activities held at the Boulder Library, the University of Colorado at Boulder, Naropa University, the Denver Public Library, Denver Art Museum and other venues. Stroll along the Boulder Creek Path, taking in the babbling creek or wander off on one of the trails to gaze at the Flatirons, the enormous sandstone slabs inclining at an angle leaving you in awe, or take in a cup of tea at the exotic Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.

Catch the colours, ambience and festive spirit of Jaipur come alive in beautiful Boulder this year, September 19th-20th, featuring world renowned and best-selling authors and speakers!

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