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Aug, 2016
Capturing Light

Belonging to the soul is the most beautiful feeling one can achieve. This arena serves as the platform for the whole being at once; you enter the phase and no...

Riddhi Kumar
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India in the Sunshine City 2016

The name – India in the Sunshine City – evokes dramatic images of vibrant Indian culture being showcased in the Sunshine city, Harare. The two countries, India and Zimbabwe although...

Sangeeta Matta Verma
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Eye On India – The Revival of the Bygones

Colossal in its form, profound in its knowledge and vibrant in its history, India’s culture has enthralled people from all around the world for years. It is the only country...

Akanksha Gopinath
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When it Comes to Your Passions, Gender is no Bar!!

Talk about art and it can be called many things. And that itself is the beauty of it because when it comes to expressing emotions, one thing is definite –...

Teamwork Arts
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Thoughtful, Powerful & Mesmerising: The “Tribhanga” Orchestration of Dr. Citaristi

I think nothing fits more aptly than these famous lines from Eleanor and Park for me to describe Tribhanga’s concluding day’s performances. I am still awestruck by the powerful and...

Teamwork Arts
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Tribhanga – An Expression of the Beautiful Odissi Dance Form

India is diverse and within the confines of its diversity, there are umpteen number of cultures and art forms which need to be explored and showcased to the common people....

Priya Chaudhary
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The Rich Culture of Odisha (Orissa)

Considering that India is an amalgamation of cultures, it is almost as if it is a number of countries thrown together. Every 200 kilometres or so, you will find an...

Revathy Venkatraman
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Sanjoy Roy: “You Need to be Passionate About Arts to be Able to Work in it”

Sanjoy Roy, main dynamo behind India by the Nile, reveals how he dedicated his life to art, and today runs Teamwork Arts, a company that brings a plethora of Indian...

This article was published in Al Ahram Weekly
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Eyewitness: Valladolid, Spain

Photo: Dancers perform during a preview of the Flamenco, India show at the Calderón theatre in Valladolid, Spain. The production, by the Spanish film-maker Carlos Saura, explores the ties between...

Teamwork Arts
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