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The Expression of Words

It was a Sunday morning and everyone was trying to make it to the next session which was with Mr. Javed Akhtar at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2016. Struggling through...

Basic Instinct

Today we all live in an era where we fight, not others, but ourselves to display the significance of our singularity. In this ever-growing world where technological advancements have made...

Jaya Singh
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Jaipur Literature Fest

The revered Jaipur Literature Festival is known to be Asia’s largest free literary event of its kind. What began as a part of Jaipur Heritage International Festival in 2006 has...

Uditi Gupta
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Literature: An Escape From Reality

There is no literature lover in the world who has not heard of the great Jaipur Literature Festival. When I first came to know about it in 2014, my very...

Ayushi Agrawa
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