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Mythology is in Theatre’s DNA

There is music in the word mythología! It appears in Plato’s discourses, as a general term for fiction of any kind, combining mỹthos (narrative/fiction] and -logía [discourse or speaking about]. Traditionally, mythology then empowered a story to be...

Arundhati Nath
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Theatre – A Perspective

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms. The most immediate way in which a human can share with another the sense of what it is to...

Teamwork Arts
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Puppets voicing Kahaaniyan: Bringing Storytelling to Life

As a child, I loved stories. Whether it was my grandmother reciting them to me, or me nagging my mother to concoct one before naptime, part of the inner bookworm...

Shaambhavi Pathak
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Happy Birthday, Sir Ebrahim Alkazi

Considered to be the God of theatre, Sir Ebrahim Alkazi is a true living legend. A man of countless achievements, it would only be fitting to honour him on the...

Teamwork Arts
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