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I Believe Art Matters: Folk Edition 2022

In 2020, Art Matters was launched in response to the need for a platform to support artistes and craftspeople. The objective of Art Matters is to generate awareness about the vast diversity of the intangible heritage of India. I Believe Art Matters 2020 was viewed by over 200,000 people on social media and the effort helped raise over Rs. 7.5 Million, benefitting 5200 artistes and craftspeople across the country!

I Believe Art Matters 2021 focused on providing artistes with an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary collaborations. Through the initiative, we supported artists across 11 states and our social media reach crossed 1 Million+ views. We were able to raise Rs. 1.13 Crores and supported 6000+ people.

After the landmark success of I Believe Art Matters 2020 and 2021, we present ‘I Believe Art Matters: Folk Edition’, showcasing stellar performances and inspiring stories that represent and support Indian folk artists.

The tradition of folk music has a captivating history that continues to evolve, bridge cultures and become a medium of communication across borders and boundaries. But despite establishing itself as a repository of traditional values, collective memories and a rich oral heritage, the popularity of folk music is not immune to cultural turmoil and the relentless throes of modernity which have now made it more important than ever to conserve and promote folk for its survival.

I Believe Art Matters: Folk Edition aims to bridge this gap by supporting the local artists and giving them a platform to showcase their talent through active community engagement and encouragement.

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We are immensely grateful to our generous donors for their support and for reaching out to help artistes across India. From the donations we receive, 70% of the proceeds will go towards the artistes, while Teamwork Arts will retain 30% for design, editing, broadcast and marketing. As the fundraising initiative continues, the goals of organisations we have supported are yet to be achieved, and many artistes still depend on us. Therefore, each and every contribution is valuable, and we request your continued support in rebuilding the arts sector and allowing talented artistes to continue their work.

Investment and Donor Incentives


Following the release of all individual acts of creation, the supporters will be acknowledged on the website.

Bonus Material

Supporters will also be privy to bonus material or Behind-the-scenes footage for the act of creation that they choose to invest in. This incentive is not available for Grassroots Investors.


Receive curated memorabilia for supporting an act of creation in the form of exclusive, organically sourced, handcrafted artisanal goods from Earth Fables. The items will be sent to the investor within 10-15 days of the virtual broadcast.

Personal Message

For donations over INR 50,000, supporters will receive a special personalised message from the artiste/artistes involved in the act/s of creation that they have chosen to invest in.

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