Raise Resources for Folk Artistes in Jaisalmer

Rajasthan is home to various folk artistes and artisans carrying forth traditions of their communities. Usually taught by their fathers, these artistes are introduced to their craft from an early age and a plethora of such groups have become common in India’s cultural offering, promoting the country’s art and traditions across the country and globe.

The Rajasthan Josh Sidhar Vikas Sansthan, Jaisalmer is a collective that works with different tourism and event outlets to promote folk musicians from Jaisalmer. The lockdown has directly affected various traditional artistes and their families that depended on income from either tourists or small-scale and large-scale events.

Fundraising Goals:

The Rajasthan Josh Sidhar Vikas Sansthan works with 105 families in a village in Jaisalmer. With the funds raised, they will be providing ration packets to these families for the next 3 months. Each packet will include: Tea, Sugar, Wheat, Daal and Rice

The financial support of INR 3000 is expected to cover the cost of 2 ration packets for 1 entire family (average 8 members each) per month.

  • Location: Jaisalmer
  • No. of Artistes: 105 artistes and their families
  • Fundraising Goal: INR 9,45,000/- (Nine lakhs forty-five thousand)
  • Fundraising Goal: 3 Months