The need of the hour is to not only celebrate the arts but also ensure that everybody understands #ArtMatters.

The arts play a vital role in shaping communities and cultures, giving a voice to our stories. From the magnificent piece hanging on our walls to the intricately woven rugs in our living rooms and the delicately crafted earthen pots in our kitchens- art illustrates human experience. Traditional art forms and artisans are often celebrated in the proud declaration of India's cultural diversity and experience economy. However, in the past year the COVID-19 pandemic has brought every performance, festival and corporate occasion to a standstill. As the shift to digital became a necessity, avenues were slowly opening up in the last few months only to be brutally curbed by the ongoing second wave whose intensity has propelled India into a nationwide crisis. It has had an especially devastating effect on those who rely on regular incomes from these festivals, weddings, shows, exhibits at craft fairs, and various public gatherings. From folk musicians, dancers, visual artists and sculptors to the weavers, puppeteers, technical engineers, and designers, the pandemic continues to be a trying time for the arts community.

#ArtMatters is an initiative to help create awareness about the new reality of various art communities across India, action change and develop support channels for them. As a part of the initiative, since 2020, various donation channels have been set up in order to provide immediate relief to artistes and their families. To tackle this virulent second wave, we have launched an emergency fund to provide food, medicines and healthcare to those in need. A small act of yours can help us raise sufficient funds and resources for them. Click here to learn how you can donate.

It is essential for the larger community to come together, spread the word and advocate effective change. The need of the hour is to ensure that artistes get access to basic resources and have a fighting chance for a sustainable livelihood and future.

The campaign also seeks to mobilise industry leaders, art connoisseurs and art lovers, building a single umbrella of communication that underlines the difficulties faced by the community. You can view our #ArtMatters video campaign series here.

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