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Be Inspired
Tomorrow’s India

India is a land of diversity, contradictions, paradoxes, impasses and potential. There is a tremendous range of human endeavour at the core of our multifaceted democracy. Endeavours which, if given a clear path to fruition, can transform our country’s future and be game-changers for the world at large. What these endeavours need is organised enterprise, a plan which can look at both the micro and macro, and above all, a far-reaching and inclusive vision.

Be Inspired is a series which is truly futuristic in the sense that it will look ahead into the decades through the proverbial crystal ball with innovative inventions which hold unbridled potential, engender equality, commitment to both technology and nature and encompass a slew of genres.

Spanning Healthcare, AI, Science, Agriculture, Economics, Environment, Water, Education, Climate Change, Energy, Space travel, Transportation, changing paradigms in governance, using art in protest and more, the series aims to bring to the forefront clear and present challenges in environment, renewable energy, water, education, hunger, and so forth, seek solutions and explore how young people are looking at changing the contours of these development goals.

Our series will tap the pulse of the youth while understanding the perspectives of domain experts and thought leaders.

Our aim is to enthuse our youth towards an inclusive future backed by data and foresight.

An idea can change the world! Send us yours

Knowledge feeds on innovation and innovation needs a voice, a great deal of nurture, support and a space where it can be freely aired.

If you have an idea across any of the categories mentioned here –half-formed, at inception, incubation or even towards fruition –please send us both the broad brushstrokes and the specifics. Our set of experts will first assess your idea and if you pass muster, maybe we could connect you to those who can fuel your dream!

The sky is your limit. Don’t wait!


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