Raise Funds for Ration and Healthcare services for Artists in Mumbai

Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India, is home to numerous artistes who come to the ‘City of Dreams’ every year to work in the arts. However, amidst the lockdown, the city that was always on the move has come to a standstill as theatres, restaurants, studios etc have closed temporarily. In the absence of revenue stream, artists who depended on daily wages have also run out of essentials such as groceries.

The Mumbai- based NGO Vision Rescue’s Artists for Artists is an initiative that is run by artists, for artists across the city. Through two curated packages, it aims to provide artists and their families, access to essentials services (healthcare) and goods (groceries, ration).

Fundraising Goals

Artists for Artists is currently working with over 1800 artists in Mumbai. With the funds raised, it will be providing an ’Essentials Care Kit’ to the artists and their families for the next 1 month. Additionally, it will also be helping artists with healthcare needs (those who have tested positive; those who are pregnant and those that have pre-existing medical conditions), with their hospital bills through their ‘Healthcare Package’.

The financial support of INR 20,00,400/- is expected to cover the cost of 1800 grocery kits, health care kits and to help clear hospital bills for 12 or more artiste patients.

Grocery kits Care package

This includes Grocery Kit cost:

  1. 5 Kilo Rice+ 5 Kilo Atta+ 2 Kilo Dal+ 1 Litre Oil+
  2. 1 Kilo Poha + 1 Kilo Sugar + 1 Kilo Salt+ 250
  3. Grams Tea Powder
  4. Admin Cost: (Transportation and Logistics, IVR call incoming charges, audit and accounting costs)
  • Quantity1800
  • Cost per unit: 730
  • Fundraising Goal: INR 9,45,000/- (Nine lakhs forty-five thousand)
  • Fundraising Goal: 1 Month

Health care kits (sanitizers, Masks, Immunity booster medicines)

  1. Sanitizer Bottle
  2. Mask Double layered Reusable mask
  3. Vitamin C tablets
  4. Transportation and Logistics
  • Quantity1800
  • Cost per unit: 250
  • Fundraising Goal: INR 4,50,000/-
  • Fundraising Goal: 1 Month

Clearing Medical Bills for Artist Patients (for those who cannot afford)

  1. Pregnancy Care for Needy Artists: Clearing bills for artists
  2. Covid-19 Patients Aid
  3. Unexpected Emergency Costs for Artists.
  • Quantity12 Patients or more Depending on Verification and Bill amount Cap amount per person 20,000/-
  • Cost per unit: 20,000 Cap amount Per Patients
  • Fundraising Goal: INR 2,40,000/-
  • Fundraising Goal: 1 Month