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The Media Rumble

04 - 05 September 2020

News is the fulcrum of the age we live in – it empowers, entertains, shapes opinion, and leads to innovations, conversations and legislations. In these digitally-charged times, news transcends geographies and makes itself available across platforms.

News can be so much more or so much less. To find out once again where news can go, Newslaundry and Teamwork Arts come together for the third time to present The Media Rumble (TMR) on August 2nd and 3rd, 2019 at The India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. TMR 2019 will bring global and local perspectives in a specially curated two-day event which will include panels, masterclasses, film-screenings and performances.

Since its inception in 2017, TMR has grown rapidly and eked out a fiercely independent personality of its own. The 2018 edition hosted attendees across graduate students, journalists, policy-makers, PR and technology professionals, and analysts. Discussions ranged from the various aspects of journalism, from editorial, tech and policy to innovative and viable business models, journalistic ethics and reportage in small towns. The 2018 programme was addressed by over 90 speakers, had around 9,000 footfalls and 3 million video views.

TMR 2019, with a larger and an even more impressive speaker-line-up, will focus on gender, caste and community representation in the Indian media with sessions revolving around issues of inclusion and diversity in newsrooms in India. Two comprehensive reports on gender, caste and community representation in the Indian media will be unveiled at the forum. It promises to be one of South Asia’s most diverse and truly international media events with speakers across geographies as well as varied news cultures. The forum aims to put Indian media on an observable metric against its international counterparts with speakers who have never spoken before in India engaging in open and uninhibited discussions on best practices, trends, and learnings.

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