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Riddhi Kumar
29 Aug 2016

Capturing Light

Belonging to the soul is the most beautiful feeling one can achieve. This arena serves as the platform for the whole being at once; you enter the phase and no exit is required. The world of happiness is so blissfully constructed that its divine beauty holds you until eternity. This habitation is nowhere but within us, in the calmest corner, we just need to find it once in order to enter an era of complete contentment. It takes you to the highest flight and to the deepest dive making you sense the same emotion in both the cases.

How wonderful it is to stay alive with the same sentiment of positivity no matter what is going around. We look for importance from the world forgetting that self-importance is the most crucial phenomenon one can undergo. Self-Love and self-faith is the drug the soul needs so as to charge up and make one realize its existence. It is a form of light that is present everywhere but seen by a few, not via the eyes though but through the heart and mind. Having conceived the path to this world of unlimited optimism one would start leading a life of love and purity.

This route keeps one alive in the most subconscious way possible; everything becomes additionally vibrant and vivid. The way of living is enhanced in such a way that this mysterious journey is unraveled in no time.

It’s the soul experiencing a bodily state. And it is beautiful once you live with that state of mind.