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For over 25 years, Teamwork Arts has taken India to the world and brought the world to India, presenting the finest of Indian performers, writers and visual artists in the cultural and art space in India and abroad.

Every year, we produce 25 performing and visual arts and literary festivals in 11 countries, including Australia, Canada, Egypt, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, the UK and USA.Read More
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Ongoing & Upcoming Events

JLF@B cover-01

23rd – 25th September, 2016
Boulder, Colorado

Taste the beauty of our common humanity reflected in the beauty of Colorado!

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30th August – 9th September 2016
Johannesburg, South Africa

This is an Indian cultural festival celebrating India and South Africa's shared history

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30th August – 9th September 2016
Harare, Zimbabwe

The Festival is a conglomerate of various types of performing arts and Indian culture


September, 2016
Multiple cities, USA

Presenting the best of traditional and contemporary Indian art, literary and cultural forms to US


Latest News


26 Aug

Gudimetta village comes alive with Chagi discovery...

GUDIMETTA (KRISHNA): About 14 kilometres away from Nandigama in Krishna district is Gudimetta, a nondescript village on ... Read More

24 Aug

Janmashtami special: Famous Krishna Temples in Ind...

As devotees of Shri Krishna gear up to celebrate Shri Krishna Janmashtami, here’s taking a look at some of the Lord’... Read More

23 Aug

Shared History 2016 - celebrating a decade...

The Shared History Festival is celebrating its milestone 10th year of the Indian Experience in South Africa from August ... Read More

22 Aug

A corporate satire in the offing...

After 103 shows across 16 cities and four Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, this corporate satire returns to Bengal... Read More

22 Aug

A literary tour of India...

Claire Scobie hosted a magical 12-day tour combining many of India’s favourite authors and historic... Read More

22 Aug

India & The Jaipur Literature Festival with Claire...

Claire Scobie hosts a magical 12-day tour combining many of India’s favourite authors and historic... Read More

20 Aug

Cartooning is not a dying art in India. This is a ...

Interview with author of Caricaturing Culture in India: Cartoons and History in the Modern World.... Read More

19 Aug

JBM 2017 to focus on translation...

Forum for authors, publishers, booksellers of East... Read More

19 Aug

around town...

Cubicle comedy English play, The Interview is a corporate satire about a young aspirant applying for his dream job. Ting... Read More

17 Aug

Ashish Anand of DAG Modern Gives India a New Aucti...

Untitled (Railway Station, Shivrajpur), by KK Hebbar (1911-1996).... Read More

Latest Blog

- Priya Chaudhary Talk about art and it can be called many things. And that itself is the beauty of it because when it comes to expressing emotions, one thing is definite – infinity! There is no si
- By Oshana Kewal
- By Shaambhavi Pathak   “She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” ― Rainbow Rowell I thin
- By Priya Chaudhary We often are so transfixed with the idea of royalty and high-statured things, that we forget to appreciate the little things that life gives us. Over the years, life and everythi
- By Shaambhavi Pathak The affection of the Western Civilization for India is nothing new. Be it the Prussians in the Medieval Ages, or the Mughals, to our modern day philosophers and writers like Ro
JC Cairns, Official Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger Last July I moved to New Delhi from a village in England. I was 20, had never been outside of Europe and the only things I knew about India had
India is diverse and within the confines of its diversity, there are umpteen number of cultures and art forms which need to be explored and showcased to the common people. In one such attempt, The Tea
Considering that India is an amalgamation of cultures, it is almost as if it is a number of countries thrown together. Every 200 kilometres or so, you will find an entirely new place, unique with its
Sanjoy Roy, main dynamo behind India by the Nile, reveals how he dedicated his life to art, and today runs Teamwork Arts, a company that brings a plethora of Indian cultural riches t
- Is politics overtaking India's inherent humanism? Why have we become so intolerant of the term "intolerance"? Crisscrossing through multiple literary festivals in the last few weeks, I couldn't hel
Considered to be the God of theatre, Sir Ebrahim Alkazi is a true living legend. A man of countless achievements, it would only be fitting to honour him on the momentous occasion of his 90th birthday,
Dancers perform during a preview of the Flamenco, India show at the Calderón theatre in Valladolid, Spain. The production, by the Spanish film-maker Carlos Saura, explores the ties between flamenco a
Photo Credit: Maya Wilsens Getting to know about an actor is an interesting experience, as most of the time we only see them in their on-screen persona. There is so much to learn about them and we
There are many moments in life which are sweetened by the togetherness of family, friends, your workmates or even strangers – sharing a cup of tea, a laugh, a night on the town, or even a friendly s
And it is finally upon us! The first edition of JLF@Boulder officially kicks off this weekend, successfully crossing over continents and time zones to bring the same magic and jubilation as its moth
This year’s Tattoo is a fun show with great talent from across the world, from China to South Carolina. Around 20,000 people attended the spectacular opening event of the Edinburgh International Fe
SHARED HISTORY: AN INDIAN EXPERIENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA Shared History, a Festival of Teamwork Arts in collaboration with the High Commission of India in South Africa came into existence in 2007, A fest
Q1. JLF at Southbank is heading to London for the second time. Last year, what did it feel like when you arrived at the Southbank Centre and were part of the Jaipur in London experience? It was won
There are many reasons to be in Boulder this Fall. The host city to the highly anticipated JLF@Boulder has an intricate heritage, deep historical significance and unique natural beauty. Boulder is
“Sit in one seat, and travel the world without moving an inch”, says Festival Producer Sanjoy Roy as he describes the wonder that is the Jaipur Literature Festival. Drawing some 270,000 attendees
The Jaipur Literature Festival has a well-earned reputation as the world’s largest free literary festival. From just 100 visitors in 2006, we grew to 250,000 footfalls over the five-day festival thi
The Jaipur Literature Festival has a well-earned reputation as the world’s largest free literary festival. From just 100 visitors in 2006, we grew to 250,000 footfalls over the five-day festival thi

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