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Jaya Singh
20 Sep 2016

Basic Instinct

Today we all live in an era where we fight, not others, but ourselves to display the significance of our singularity. In this ever-growing world where technological advancements have made our functionality so engrossed in its working, we tend to lose our identity to these advancements and become recognisable by the traits developed and work we do to sustain our existence. This entire series of developing and establishing ourselves in this society without losing our identity is itself an art which we must learn, not for others but for our own benefit.

Any form of art affects our brain and consciousness. Today, most people have been seen resorting to the powerful art of yoga and meditation to elevate the state of well-being and self-driven identity in society and within oneself. Evidence of the positive effects of yoga and meditation have been researched and found. These forms provide us self-attained peace and motivation to build ourselves thus providing us self-control and inner peace. They mould the physiology and consciousness of our brain leading us to a well-constructed path of positivity, self-enhancement, contemplation and stimulate us to take in beauty in the world we live in and moreover what we are.

Each form of art is to be loved. Even yoga and meditation as a form of art is like a seed. When you cultivate a seed with love, it not only blossoms but this new being also loves you back. Similarly, inculcating love and regularity for such a form of art benefits you wholly. Take out a few minutes to pause in your busy schedule and be grateful. You will learn more about yourself as the silence brings new aspects to light.

Meditating can be any activity that calms and adds more to your inner state of mind leading to harmony both inside and out. There is growing scientific evidence that shows our mind, body and soul eases and gains from taking time out of our daily life to detach and meditate.  If this is achieved through yoga, let yoga be your meditation; if this is achieved through drawing and painting, let drawing and painting be your meditation and so on.

Surrender yourself to art and find yourself in the inner world of fellow human beings connected with a common thread identifying yourself as an artist. Interpret the changes in your life after following your thoughts. Let your interpretation add unique flavour to recognition of your true self. Fill the void in you. Forget your weakness and surrender yourself to a whole new happy world waiting for you. All that is necessary is to admire. Admire what you have and what you can be.

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