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18 Oct 2015

Happy Birthday, Sir Ebrahim Alkazi

Considered to be the God of theatre, Sir Ebrahim Alkazi is a true living legend. A man of countless achievements, it would only be fitting to honour him on the momentous occasion of his 90th birthday, the 18th of October.

Several leading film and theatre actors who have enjoyed phenomenal success in their long careers like Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Nadira Babbar, Vijaya Mehta and Jyoti Subhash, have had the great fortune of being taken under Alkazi’s wing when he was the director of the National School of Drama in New Delhi from 1962-77. His attention to detail, especially with the visual elements on stage and magnificent, elaborate productions set him apart for the visual splendour he created.

Ebrahim Alkazi’s style of teaching – incorporating discipline, technique and development of the mind and talent of the actor was truly exemplary at that time. He also understood the needs of audiences and changed some of the English plays from the West to resonate better with them. He further staged contemporary Indian plays which became known for the grandeur with which he is associated.

He also founded the Art Heritage Gallery in New Delhi, with his wife Roshan Alkazi, and is a patron to aesthetic endeavours, especially visual arts.

Sir Ebrahim Alkazi’s distinguished contribution to theatre and the arts is unrivalled. On the glorious occasion of his 90th birthday, we salute and celebrate his legendary life.

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