Teamwork Arts, producer of the iconic Jaipur Literature Festival, presents the first edition of the Sikkim Art and Literature Festival - Khangchendzonga (SALF), an initiative of the Government of Sikkim, being held at the historic town of Yuksam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from 6th- 8th May 2023.

India’s Northeast is a treasure trove of stories, lore, legend, art and layered history. The region as a whole and Sikkim in particular are witnessing an unprecedented flowering of literature, poetry and art, with their creative arts extending to the oral literature and heritage of these hallowed lands.

The programme will celebrate the literary landscape of the region along with addressing important local and global concerns including climate change, wildlife conservation and biodiversity, history, culture and ethnicity, poetry, architecture, folklore, mental health, writings from the North East, fiction, YA literature and more.